Just Launched

Pixel Wars

Pixel Wars currently offers NFT’s & P2E game aswell a fully build marketplace with INTEGRATION (coming soon). A major utility development is in the works that will be mind blowing to the Pixel Wars holders. Pixel Wars NFT will soon be live to members & soon to the entire crypto minded community as a whole..

About Game


Trapped in the Spaceship with other players, you need to do some tasks to keep the ship working and return home. But there is an impostor in the team who will always interfere with your plans.


Unite with friends and play together to get your clan to the top divisions and enjoy valuable prizes. Update and customize your Fort to resist PvE Sieges and create a powerful tank to raid other Clans’ forts.


Conquer territories, control the huge global map, collect valor points, and gain income from your lands to win the war.


Battle Royale, Raids, Deathmatch, Duels… There are so many opportunities for you to challenge yourself. Not mentioning the brawls that rotate every week..

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